Biella , located at the foot of the Alps and an area of ​​Italy known for its historic textile tradition , is the cradle of MIRANTICO .

Known for its rich tradition and the importance of fabrics, the Biella heritage was the starting point for the desire to bring tailoring and its details to a new form, applying the know-how of the bespoke industry in other sectors and giving the opportunity to experience the emotions of tailoring in different contexts.

The project was born with the MANTICO brand, and in 2021 , following a new international expansion strategy, it was relaunched as MIRANTICO .

The ambition is to sustainably create a strong and recognized brand even outside Italy that can operate in different environments and that always maintains particular attention to tradition and craftsmanship.


Inspired by the bags used by alpine skiers, the "streamlined" shapes make our zaynos become part of the wearer's silhouette offering ergonomic benefits and a feeling of freedom.

The addition of the "tailoring" concept forms the basis of MIRANTICO's philosophy.

Light and soft backpacks that follow the shape of the body and are worn as if they were made of fabric.

Our philosophy

Linked to its Biellese origins firmly based on the artisan tradition, MIRANTICO creates backpacks, bags and accessories that revive the emotions of the sartorial world.


As an Italian brand based in Biella, our DNA is defined by timeless craftsmanship, an eye for the finest details and a respect for things well done. This is visible in everything we do, from sourcing the best fabrics and materials, to working with local artisans, to testing and checking when a product is made, right through to the moment the product is delivered to its owner.

Timeless design

We believe it is important to surround ourselves with products that become part of us and that carry our memories with them. We support the transformation into a more conscious approach to consumption. Our standards for design and fabrics are based on creating a high quality, timeless and minimal product that becomes part of your everyday life.

Sartorial style

We take the most important elements of the sartorial world such as fabrics, workmanship and details and transform it by applying them in an alternative way. An important pillar of our project is the approach to customization: all our products are available for "Made to Order" where you can create the product that fits your needs and your style

Sense of freedom

A mix of balances: unisex, minimal and refined design. MIRANTICO products have a contemporary spirit and allow you to feel free on every occasion.

Urban style

A part of the inspiration of MIRANTICO comes from the cosmopolitan influence: a modern urban style visible not only in the design of the products but also in the user experience itself. Suitable for those who are always on the move.

Attention to Sustainability

We create products that last over time, both in terms of our products and in terms of setting up a sustainable business. The packaging and packing material are totally recyclable: regenerated cotton bags and 100% recyclable paper boxes.

Patented design

All of our unique MIRANTICO designs and hallmarks have been registered.