Biella, located at the foothills of the Alps and an area in Italy known for their historic textile tradition, is the birthplace of MIRANTICO.

Known for its rich tradition and importance of fabrics, Biella's heritage was the starting point for the desire to "bring tailoring and it’s details to a new level" by applying the know-how of the fashion and made-to-measure industry in other areas and give the opportunity to live the emotions of tailoring in different contexts.

The brand started as MANTICO, but when the project grew and developed towards a higher level, it was relaunched in 2021 as MIRANTICO.

The current ambition is to sustainably create a strong and internationally recognized brand that can operate in different environments and that always maintains a particular attention to tradition and craftsmanship

Our Inspiration

Inspired by bags used by alpine skiers, whereby aerodynamic shapes were used to let the bag become part of the owner's silhouette. This would result in a backpack providing ergonomic advantages and the feeling of freedom.

With the concept of tailoring added, this formed the base and the philosophy of MIRANTICO. Light and soft backpacks, that follow the shapes of the body and worn as if they are cloth.

Our Philosophy

With its origin in Biella and firmly based in the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, MIRANTICO creates bags and accessories living the emotions of the tailoring world.

At MIRANTICwe base our philosophy on 4 pillars;
Creating to last, sharing a passion for fine details, making a sartorial style accessible, and providing a sense of freedom to our customers.


As an Italian based brand from Biella, our DNA is defined by timeless craftsmanship, eye for the finest details and a respect for things well-made. This is visible in everything we do, from sourcing the finest fabrics and materials, working with local artisans, the checks and controls when a product is made, up to the moment the product is delivered to its owner.

Durable Design

We believe in surrounding yourself with products which become part of you and which will carry your memories. We support the transformation into a more conscious approach of consumption. Our standards for design and fabrics is based on creating a timeless and minimal product of high quality, which becomes a part of your everyday life.

Sartorial style

We take elements of the tailoring world, such as sartorial fabrics, finishing and details and we transform and apply them in alternative ways. Both into our products as the way how they are created. An important cornerstone of MIRANTICO is our custom-made approach based on the concept of tailoring. All our products are available for customization, resulting in a personal product fitting your needs and style.


A balanced mix of unisex, minimalism and a refined design, MIRANTICO's products are created for modern-day usage and allow you to feel free on every occassion and always on the go.

Our Values


MIRANTICO's inspiration stems from cosmopolitan influence and contemporary styles. Fusing into an modern urban style, not only in the design of the products but just as much in the experience. Suited for people with busy lifestyles and always on the move.


At MIRANTICO our values are based on creating to last, this is in regards to our products but also in terms of creating a sustainable business. Our packaging material is all recyclable with our regenerated linnen bag and 100% recyclable paper packaging.

Patented Design

All of our unique MIRANTICO designs and distinctive signs have been registered.